Nougat Show

Nougat Video promo


It’s a Theatre Absurd Show where the Clown takes the audience in to an intergalatic travel looking for pink elephants that in the end they were chickens playing card games, after working on the fish shop.

Nougat it’s an exploration of being present, being available, to play. It’s a show where the Clown plays and share the stage with many different persons from the audience. Every show it’s completely unique.

It’s a show that connects Imagination, searching, expectation. Being child, no judging, no strict ideas or opinions. Be free of Judgments. Be Honest, Be Naif. Always willing to find more and more. Inventing it’s the essence of the Show.

A show for all ages, one hour long.

Nougat was funded by Fundação GDA. Premiered at Chapitô in Lisbon Portugal. Supported by Zirkus Mond Lisboa; Infra-Estruturas Portugal; Junta de Freguesia de Santa Maria Maior; Centro Comercial Colombo; Quiosque de Lisboa; Junta de Freguesia da Misericórdia.

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