Photo Shoots

This was an unique life opportunity to be photograph by the amazing photographer Fernando Matoso. The first picture is from Winchester Festival, the other ones are pure luck of being photograph by Fernando Matoso in a very special place. Place where we use to make very cultural and artistic events on a Pub that we squatted with our London community E3


Very crazy project with some of my best Mates, Hugo Maciel, Sam Hague and Saskia Evans, we went to an old Asylum and come out something like this

Annie Chapman

Photoshoot with Annie Chapman, She created this Huge Chair and Invite me to Pose on it. This Happen in London for Her Graduation Project, A very Interesting Chair

Hang Man

This Pictures are from a photoshoot with the amazing photographer Yuri Pirondi, again the character Hanged Man In the Ruff, again of our Epic Pub E3 in London In a very London day