Slava Snow Show

A Dream come true, through my fellow friend Chris Lynam I had the opportunity to meet Slava Polunin in the Royal Albert Festival Hall in London and After having a picture with a very huge gigantic guy Slava ask me if I wanted to join the Slava Snow Show on that day and there I was performing in one of my favourite show’s to one of my biggest Idols. Very Happy Story for me

Pop Corn Club Cabaret

This story is super nice. This story started In Portugal at Festival Imaginarius in Portugal, in the queue of the festival restaurant when I translate the menu from Portuguese to english for this lovely couple. 2 Very nice persons, Chris Lynam and Kate Mckenzie. The most funny thing was they were bought from London and I was living there too, and we had one friend in common, who was Sam Hague. Actually the 4 of us work for a while in their show Pop Corn Club Cabaret from Kate Mckenzie and Chris Lynam. Me, Chris and Sam had a trio for all of that time Performing together the celebre routine Ballon Dance from the Greatest show on Legs from Malcolm Hardy, and also the routine of Dustbin Dance. Chris and Kate were like Parents for me in my artistic life, I only have to say thank you for everything that I experience with you

Mattress Circus

Now the story that I’m going to tell you doesn’t have a word to describe it. 3 very very good friends come out of their squatted house E3 and go out to train at Circus Space in London and make a 3 high in their very first try. Well from the squatted to the world that 3 some friends perform in more than 25 countries for 5 years with their first show heights, company called Mattress Circus. They been performing in street theatre festivals, theatre festivals, commercial work, reality shows, they been part of movies 5 Years of Fun with your friends around the world, great times. Heights are a clown acrobatic show, with 3 clowns of symmetric different heights

Here is Mattress Circus at See change Arts brand new space back on the time showing off our abilities to our Sir Highness Le Prince Charles, Prince of Wales

Mattress Circus no 2º Festival Internacional do Rio de Janeiro, organizado pelo Crescer e Viver. Fotos do circuito favela que decorria ao mesmo tempo que o festival. Desde o inicio acordámos em trabalhar neste projecto, que faz parte do festival, mas também porque não acreditamos em diferenças

Hasta La Pasta

Hasta la Pasta was a version that we create to survive the London times and to work all year around having lots of different material to work from. This was a 2 different 5 minutes act where we perform mainly on the Hippodrome and Café Paris in London

Ouch Show

Ouch!!! is a fireman show our second show as company Mattress Circus, Directed by the Amazing Incredible Master John Mowatt. A very absurd show where 3 fire man’s got a call to put out a fire and they arrive to the place before the fire. Clown acrobatic show new tricks and every single acrobatic had is way of appear through the narrative of the story

Breaking the Cycle Show

Breaking the Cycle Show, Originates with Paddy Waters, Chris Bull. Inviting Daniel Gonçalves and Hobbit to Create a Fantastic Magic Show

Fireman Show

Fireman car show, Produce and directed By Dingle Fingle. Was a super nice opportunity to work with one of your best fellow friend’s Mister Paddy Waters this was my first real Job in the Uk Land