Un Be

This Creation was photograph in the some epic Pub E3, by the amazing Photographer Fernando Matoso. This creation was created with a very special friend Francesca Martello and it’s based in Act without Words of Samuel Beckett. This two characters the man with no head and the other one is his head. The headless man was given a second chance of coming back to earth but to learn how to behave better and be nicer to people he has been given a women’s head, very funny show

Headless Man

This is a creation based in Samuel Beckett Act with out words, and I develop a character with no Head. I called Him Headless man

Puppet and Master Waters

This creation is made with a very special friend Paddy Waters from the times we use to be squatting together in London. We create this two characters: Puppet and Master Waters

Hang Man

My early years of performing Starts with my First real Character the Hanged Man. Photographies by the great José Cunquero in London town