CaRRouSeL it’s an act that you can book now and as a duration of 7 minutes. Ideally space is a 6 by 6 meters. Can be presented anywhere under any circumstance. This show only requires a music device player where you can connect a ipod or a pen drive. It’s Made to be easier and practical.

CaRRouSeL is the story of a clown that nothing works for himself. Dani is a clown based in the old movies, the black and white ones, Sad and Poetic.

In this show his always the other way around, first the Wind, after the Umbrella, Then the Cloth, after the Jacket, even the Bag. Nothing works that day.

It´s a very sensible and delicate Show, very Tragic Comic and Absurd too, is a very special Universe. And it’s made for all ages enjoy, which one of them will enjoy in a different way.

If you want to book Heaven Show please write me on this email:

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Daniel Gonçalves: + 351 96 530 84 86

WhatsApp: +44 7908 406918