I begin my artistic life in Chapitô Lisbon Circus School, was a High School Diploma. I was there from 2002 to 2005 when I graduated. In the same year I move to London where I join LISPA London International School of Performing Arts, with Thomas Pratki as Director, I Graduate there in 2007, 2 years Diploma in Master of Physical Theatre. In 2010 I studied Acrobatics and Acrobalance with Mattress Circus my company at that moment, We were teach by Adrian Potter for few years at National Centre for Circus Arts in London. In 2016 I studied Handstands, Head Balancing and Flexibility in the National Circus School of Rio de Janeiro for 3 months with the teacher Edson Silva e Olga Aidarkina.

In 2007 I start my Journey as professional. Since there I have worked as clown, actor, acrobat, Juggler. I’ve performed in 27 different countries in 4 continents. Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Check Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Egypt, India, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Puerto Rico and Brazil. I’ve been mainly working the major of the time on my own work. But I’ve been also working in other projects, like: Pop Corn Club Cabaret from Chrys Lynam and Kate McKenze. Slava Snow Show from Slava Polinin. Dumbo from Tim Burton, Disney Production with Danny Devito, Colin Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton and Eva Green. Viktor Frankstein with Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy. Ruby Robinson with Kim Cattrall. Doom3 Bollywood movie, Performed for Sir Prince Charles, Prince Of Wales, Work For an Add – Publicity for Liam Gallagher New cloths Brand, Work For The Opera McBeth in La Scala In Milan. Had a company called Mattress Circus, we were 3 Clown Acrobats, which rocked for 5 years in a lot of Different Country’s.

At the Moment I’m creating and developing a show / act where I play Melodic in Headstand, Previous years I create a solo show called Heaven: Clown, acrobatics, object manipulation, Juggling and Audience Participation. Magic Act, it’s silly clown magic combined with head balancing. Bananas Act a Clown act very funny with Audience Participation from beginning to end, full of humor and lots of Laughs. Hope you enjoy visiting my website and to get to know me better, have a good time. Cheers